Blue Rooster, Sketch 141

Fast sketch of the blue metal rooster

I brought my sketch pad with me on a day trip to Giddings with a friend, but by mid-afternoon I had still not sketched anything. I saw this rooster across the street from the parking lot in Bastrop and moseyed on over. The shop is Bluwr Myles (and no, that is not misspelled). Lu, the owner, was very nice and after I finished my sketch (6 minutes!), I wandered around her shop and we chatted. I’ll definitely return to her shop soon.

Blue Rooster at Bluwr Myles

Blue Rooster at Bluwr Myles

Sketch 141: Blue Rooster at Bluwr Myles in Bastrop, Texas

Gazebo, Sketch 139

Sketch of gazebo

I’m working on not being so agonizingly slow when I sketch. I had less than 10 minutes available for this sketch, and I decided to try it. I took seven minutes and even managed to get in some erasing. I didn’t leave enough room for the top of the gazebo in either attempt, though.

It’s not only the sketching where I want to increase my skill level, but the “seeing.” If I can’t “see” it, I can’t sketch it: angles, shadows, proportions, for example. I was standing up while sketching, which is also something new for me. I think I want a larger sketch pad.

Gazebo in Kyle, Texas

Sketch 139: Gazebo in Kyle, Texas

Boots, Sketch 138

Sketch of rubber boots

I have had to wear my boots in my yard most everyday for almost a month. When the heavy rains started some weeks ago, I came home one day to discover that my driveway was flooded. I left my vehicle at the end of the driveway and waded to the house. The running shoes I wore through the water didn’t survive being submerged. I sent them through the washer and dryer but I couldn’t get out the moldy smell; into the trash they went.

Now my rubber boots come with me most days when I leave the house, due to the forecast of a repeat weather pattern.

Rubber boots

Sketch 138: Rubber Boots