My First Bird Blind

While at Pedernales Falls State Park, I checked out the bird blinds. I’d never seen one before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What fun! There were two blinds in that one spot, each overlooking a bird feeding area. It was my first sighting of a Scrub Jay and a Spotted Towhee. I also saw a Cedar Wax Wing for the first time but didn’t get a photo.

Cardinals (2)

House Finches (1)

Hummingbirds (5)

Scrub Jay (4)

Spotted Towhee (13)

White wing dove (2)

Looking for Love

Looking for Love

In spring, mockingbird
Sings at night, looking for love
Keeping me awake

Wishing him good luck
In finding a mate so I
Can finally sleep

I thought song birds were quiet at night. Turns out bachelor mockingbirds will sing at night, looking for a mate. The wisteria vine on the fence outside my window serves as a nice perch for one such mockingbird. I hope he finds a girlfriend soon.