Panning in Black and White

My first assignment for panning was to be stationary and photograph an object in motion (like a vehicle). My second assignment was to be in a moving vehicle and photograph a stationary object. For this assignment, my brother was my chauffeur.


I’ve seen lots of photos for this assignment where the colors came out all swirly and beautiful. The colors in this photo weren’t like that, so I changed it to black and white to emphasize the panning effect.

License to Drive: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

FF 154 Kent Bonham

Photo copyright Kent Bonham

License to Drive

Phillip felt like a king. He was first among his friends to get a driver’s license. His mom’s Volkswagen wasn’t a particularly studly vehicle, but he imagined it as so much more in his fantasy realm.

Phillip’s plans to go cruising were dashed when his mom gave him the grocery list. And he had to take his sister to basketball practice and wait for her.

He spent most of his time running errands and driving his sister around. Phillip’s thrilling ascent to the driver’s seat “throne” was also the beginning of his descent into the boredom as the family chauffeur.

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The photo is by Kent Bonham and he is also a Friday Fictioneer writer. Check out Kent’s story “The Ride of a Lifetime” here.

Note: The Texas Department of Transportation uses the term “driver license” and not “driver’s license.” I have a 2008 Associated Press Stylebook and it has “driver’s license(s)” as an entry. I surfed around the internet to see what some other states are using.

Arizona: Driver license
Arkansas: Driver license, driver’s license
California: Driver’s license, driver license
Colorado: Driver license
Florida: Driver license
Louisiana: Driver’s license
Maine: Driver’s license, driver license
Montana: Driver license
Nebraska: Driver license, but Nebraska Driver’s Manual
New Mexico: Driver’s license
Oklahoma: Driver license
Vermont: Driver’s license, driver license
Wyoming: Driver license, drivers license