Out for a Walk

A few photos from a yesterday’s walk down¬†Shoal Creek into¬†downtown Austin.



This is a bee hive that the city covered up. The story I heard was that a couple of people working on the trail near the tree were stung multiple times and needed medical attention. The city is planning on moving the hive. It’s blocked off right now and we have to walk way around the tree to continue on the trail.



Across from Trader Joe’s.


This dog and the person it owns were out for a nice walk and a round of ball tossing and retrieving. Then the sprinklers came on at the old City of Austin power plant. The dog was way more interested in playing in the water than returning the ball.


I believe this is the last of the Austin Music Hall.


Labyrinth of Light: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.


Photo copyright Roger Bultot

Labyrinth of Light

In her dream, Janice stood on the staircase landing in total darkness, paralyzed by fear. This reflected her waking life, where she lived each day in crisis, afraid of making bad choices.

She found an internet article on lucid dreams. Before going to sleep that night, Janice meditated, persuading herself to find the courage to step off the landing.

A labyrinth of light appeared in her dream, its pathways leading away from her self-inflicted paralysis. Janice descended the staircase, going outside into the night. Stars greeted her, beckoning her to follow them into the unknown as they light her way.

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