Sashed Half Hexagon Quilt in Asian Fabrics

I have an easy time buying beautiful fabric but a hard time it cutting up. I managed to do just that, however, for this Sashed Half Hexagon quilt in Asian fabrics. It will soon go to the quilter, then the binding goes on. After that, I will give to a friend who is unaware I am making a quilt for them. And it’s someone who doesn’t read my blog, so I am totally safe in showing it to everyone else.

Half Hexagon quilt in Asian fabrics

The pattern is the Sashed Half Hexagon by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Faceted Texture

I photographed some textured glass and decided to use it as the background for a few montage photographs. It seemed like a good idea, but I didn’t quite get the results I intended. The other photographs are from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Textured glass
Faceted Texture

American Beauty Berry. The texture hardly shows up at all.
00s American Beauty Berry (1a)

Pineapple flower (probably not its real name). In real life it’s purple but I played around with the color a bit. I wish it had been more in focus.
00s Pineapple Flower

I managed to capture the windmill in motion, using a slow shutter speed. That took several tries to adjust my camera settings.
00s Windmill with Texture