A Rose Indoors

This is my first attempt to photograph a flower indoors, against a black backdrop. I bought the rose at my grocery store along with the black construction (or poster) paper.

Rose indoor

I only had one floor lamp (usually used for sewing) shining its light onto the rose and now that I post the photo, I can see the flower’s shadow. Funny how there are so many things I don’t see until I post a photo online. It goes along with not seeing any errors in an email until after you have sent it.

Here is the rose two days later, using a white background.

Rose 2017 07 22

So This Is How It Begins

I noticed the wisteria sending out runners along the wall of our back porch. I’m beginning to understand how the jungle took over the pyramids of South America.

Where are they going?

Where are they going?

I photographed this Thursday morning. Thursday afternoon when I came home from running errands, the wisteria runners were not there anymore. While I was gone, Hubby had also noticed that Mother Nature was making her move to take over. He relocated the vines onto the hurricane fence, directing them away from the house. I got lucky I didn’t defer this photograph any more than I already had. You just never know what’s going to happen.