Looks Like Snow

I was wandering around The Triangle complex just before meeting a friend for lunch when I came around a corner and saw a lot of white stuff on the ground. From a distance, it looked like snow.

00s Looks like snow (2)

It wasn’t snow, but protective covering for the plants as we’ve had a couple of nights with the temperatures in the teens. All I can say is that is a lot of protective covering. I wonder where they buy it and where they store it.

00s Looks like snow (3)

00s Looks like snow (1)

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A Rare and Early Snow

Yes, it snowed in central and south Texas (Thursday evening, 07 December 2017). This is cause for excitement — and alarm — as we are definitely not used to snow.

It was not a blizzard, however. I had my camera shutter speed set pretty slow because of the low light conditions and it gave the snow a blurry effect.

Snowing (1)

This is how it looked Friday morning. This is an Italian Stone Pine tree burdened under 3-4 inches of snow.

Italian Stone Pine in snow

Hubby’s tractor.

Tractor in snow

The snow itself was a surprise, but it lead to a few surprising discoveries. This deer track, for instance. When I came outside in the morning, I expected to see a smooth blanket of snow. That’s not what was waiting for me. There was plenty of snow, and lots of it smooth, but there were a lot of deer tracks, too. It looked like one deer had been roaming around our front yard, coming right up to our front porch. Our big yard has a 4-foot fence around it but obviously that is nothing to a deer.

Deer track in snow

I followed the deer tracks and they went all around the house and fenced dog yard. The dog yard has a 6-foot fence around it. And that was the next surprise: deer tracks in the dog yard, as well. Deer agility: 4-foot fence and 6-foot fence. Easy in, easy out, it seems.

We have lived here almost 20 years and until this snow we didn’t know deer were coming into our yards. I’m just glad the deer didn’t ring our doorbell in the middle of the night and run away, snickering.

An Early Freeze

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Dale Rogerson

Photo copyright Dale Rogerson

An Early Freeze

Sam bent over to pick up the newspaper, falling on the ice. Lola, a Labrador Retriever, had escaped her back yard again and interpreted Sam’s flailing arms as an invitation to play.

He rose to his feet only to have Lola jump on him from behind, knocking him down. Lola thought this was great fun, this new game of Knock Sam Down. She played it several times before her owner whistled for her return.

Sam tried to get up, discovering his jacket had frozen to the ice patch. This is not how I thought today would go, Sam thought, shivering.

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