Clinic, Sketch 137

Sketch of clinic

I sketched this while waiting for the clinic to open. I was more than half-way through the sketch before I realized I didn’t have on my glasses. Well, I thought, if it works, it works. This was one of those situations where I was doing something different (sketching away from home) and so my routine was off. You’d think I would remember to put on my glasses before sketching, but I didn’t.

Closed clinic

Sketch 137: Clinic; Places I Go #2

Library Lobby, Sketch 136

Sketch of the library lobby

Hmm. Everything is leaning to the left.

The Austin Public Library branches open at 2:00 p.m. on Sundays. The meeting for the Heart of Texas Sisters In Crime chapter starts at 2:15. I forced myself to do a quick sketch; I took 7 minutes for this one. The display case has handwork from the Austin Stitchery Guild.

Library Lobby

Library Lobby

Sketch 136: Library Lobby; The Places I Go #1