Blue Rooster, Sketch 141

Fast sketch of the blue metal rooster

I brought my sketch pad with me on a day trip to Giddings with a friend, but by mid-afternoon I had still not sketched anything. I saw this rooster across the street from the parking lot in Bastrop and moseyed on over. The shop is Bluwr Myles (and no, that is not misspelled). Lu, the owner, was very nice and after I finished my sketch (6 minutes!), I wandered around her shop and we chatted. I’ll definitely return to her shop soon.

Blue Rooster at Bluwr Myles

Blue Rooster at Bluwr Myles

Sketch 141: Blue Rooster at Bluwr Myles in Bastrop, Texas

2 thoughts on “Blue Rooster, Sketch 141

  1. I love that type of yard art. I wish I knew how to make stuff like that to put in my own yard. Maybe you have to be a welder. Those items can be expensive, and they’re made of rusty old scraps!!! But they are cute.

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