How To Make A Cat Nervous

How To Make A Cat Nervous

Stop with camera
Cat eyes me with suspicion
I’m up to no good?

Cat (1)

How to make anyone nervous: stop to photograph something in their direction. I’m very careful on my urban hikes as to what I photograph and try not to intrude on anyone’s privacy. Well, I think I’m being careful but sometimes I still seem to crowd someone’s personal space. I photographed this cat only to have someone yell “HEY!” from over the fence. I explained to the man that I liked the cat’s face and that’s what I photographed. That seemed to alleviate the situation and I continued on without any more interaction. But really, if you want to make someone nervous, just get out your camera.

Dama Gazelle

For my final illustration for the online course Natural History Illustration 101, I chose to draw a Dama Gazelle. I used a photograph I took a couple of years ago at an exotic game breeding ranch. I’ve been taking drawing lessons for two years now. I can tell you that had I tried this two years ago, it would have ended up as some version of a stick figure gazelle.

Dama Gazelle week600s Dama gazelle