Watermelon for Dessert

I drove up Interstate Highway 35 to visit my friends in Moody, Texas. This is what I saw when I parked at their house.

Watermelon for dessert

The first thing I think is that we are having watermelon for dessert.

The second thing I think is that although the watermelon rinds are discarded, where they are discarded doesn’t look like a compost pile.

Watermelon rinds (4)

It is not a compost pile. They somehow discovered that the rabbits like to nibble on the watermelon rinds so they put them in a place accessible to the rabbits.

Watermelons: rabbit food. Who knew?

Rabbit at Kay's

Thread Painted Rabbit

I drew a rabbit a few days ago (based on Mark Crilley’s YouTube video How To Draw A Rabbit) and then I “painted” it in thread (on my sewing machine). This is my first effort at thread painting without having a photograph on the base fabric; this is all free-hand. I think the whiskers are too dark, but it is not like using graphite pencils where I can erase!

My thread painted rabbit

My thread painted rabbit (using my sewing machine)

When I drew the rabbit, I used two pencils: Raffiné 3B and Prismacolor Black. When I stitched the rabbit, I used seven threads: Gütermann 30-weight 4335, 8, 9333, 40, 3454, 93, 000 (black). I used the black for the whiskers; too dark.

My rabbit drawing (graphite pencil)

My rabbit drawing (graphite pencil)