Phyllis, Masked

This was an exercise to learn Composite Montage. I merged two photos: (1) Phyllis, a doll I made from an online class (and kit) by Deb Canham and (2) stone masonry. Somehow I managed to place the mortar strip exactly across her eyes, giving her a slight masked look.

And to everyone who thinks she looks a lot like me: I don’t even own any green eye shadow, so, No.

Here is Phyllis without her mask.

Lay’s Potato Chip Bag

I sewed this potato chip bag into a quilted bag with a lining, zipper, and tab. To do this, I carefully opened the bag at the top, removed all the chips (ate a few along the way), and cut out the front and the back. I cleaned the inside of the front and back with a paper towel. Then I quilted the lining and the batting onto the front piece. Same thing for the back. I sewed in the zipper. I sewed the bottom, the sides, turned it inside out and voilĂ ! I forgot to photograph the inside. (Good help is hard to find.) I gave it to Mary H for her birthday. The rotary cutter is in the photo for size comparison. I learned how to do this type of bag by watching Facebook videos by Missy Billingsley (FB group: Stitchin’ & Sparkling’ Fun with Missy B).