One Block Wonder Quilt Top

This pattern is called the One Block Wonder. You take six (6) pieces of fabric, exactly alike in placement of the prints, stack them (perfectly aligned), and cut out 60 degree triangles. You sew them into hexagons, arrange as desired, and end up with something like this.

The original panel. I used six (6) of these to make my One Block Wonder Quilt. The panel is called Right Dreamin’ and is from Northcott Fabrics.

Phyllis, Masked

This was an exercise to learn Composite Montage. I merged two photos: (1) Phyllis, a doll I made from an online class (and kit) by Deb Canham and (2) stone masonry. Somehow I managed to place the mortar strip exactly across her eyes, giving her a slight masked look.

And to everyone who thinks she looks a lot like me: I don’t even own any green eye shadow, so, No.

Here is Phyllis without her mask.