Windmill and Jersey Cow

It’s June, again! Time for the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge 2019. The idea is to paint a watercolor each day in June without an underlying drawing. Yep, just paint directly onto the paper. hahahaha

Here’s what it looks like when I do that.

Day 1: A windmill
Day 2: A Jersey cow (mostly)


Watercolor Seahorse

I used the supplies in the August 2018 ArtSnacks box to create a watercolor seahorse. The ArtSnacks challenge is to create art using only the box contents. Somehow I managed to do just that this time. They also put a piece of candy in each box (thus the “Snacks” part of the name). That was the first thing to disappear, even before I started painting, but you can see the candy wrapper.

00s August 2018 Artsnacks

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