Animals along the Trail

Animals seen on a recent urban hike in Belton, Texas.

Western kingbird on a very grey day; Belton, Texas

Western kingbird on a very grey day

Birds (4)

Birds (3)

Cat in a tree (1)

Cat in a tree (2)


Cat under a hot tin roof.
Cat in a window (1)

Cat in a window (3)


Plymouth Rock chicken. It was outside the fence, trying to get in.

Plymouth Rock chicken (1)

Dancing In The Rain

Story #28 for Story A Day Challenge May 2016

28 Dancing In The Rain s

Dancing in the Rain

“Gertie, let’s dance.”

“Dancing? But it’s supposed to rain.”

“Listen, rain is forecast for the next couple of years. El Niño, La Niña, Los Lobos, some kind of weather disturbance like that. We can’t wait for blue skies to get anything done. The world is our oyster.” Sampson snaps his wingtip feathers in rhythm with the music coming from across the pond while leading Gertie away from the shore.

“And may I say, Gertie, you are looking especially well groomed tonight.” Sampson winks at her with his third eyelid.

Gertie giggles as he takes her wing. “Oh, Sampson, you are such a charmer!”