Stepping Out

Story #14 for Story A Day Challenge May 2016 and double duty as Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shoes or Feet.

Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

Stepping Out

“Shh, here she comes.” Running Shoes were hoping she would choose them. They loved the dirt trails, the singing birds, the sound of the waves lapping up against the lakeshore. “What time is it? Does anyone know what time of day it is?” Running Shoes knew she liked them best early in the morning.

“Shut up!” Hikers whispered. “We will all know at the same time where she is going. Just let her be.”

“No, we want to go!” Running Shoes inched closer to her feet, at the bottom of the closet. She stumbled over them, picked them up (Ha Ha Ha, Running Shoes stuck out their tongues at Hikers), took a few steps, put them down.

But she didn’t put them on.

They saw her select blue jeans and a purple shirt. “Guess she’s not going running. Or hiking,” Hikers sighed, disappointed.

They heard her humming. “Oh, you know what that means,” Boots gloated. “We are stepping out tonight! We will be the life of the party. Woo-hoo! Y’all have a good time while we are gone!”

Boots reached out and kicked the door closed as they were leaving.

“It’s dark in here,” Running Shoes complained.

“It’s a closet,” Hikers said. “Get used to it.”

An Afternoon in Gruene

I met up with some fellow photographers in Gruene, Texas. (It’s pronounced as “green.” It was a perfect spring day: a few white clouds and a nice breeze. We wandered around town taking photos of whatever caught our eye, listened to live music while eating lunch on the patio overlooking the Guadalupe River at the Grist Mill, then wandered around a bit more.

It was the first time I’d ever been to Gruene (what have I been doing all this time?). Just before I left, I went into Gruene Hall (Texas’ oldest dance floor) and discovered a live band with dancing — in the middle of a Sunday afternoon! The band was Jack Hustinx & the Southern Aces. I don’t have dancing shoes (or boots) any more, but I may have to get me some. I had a wonderful time.