Shutter Flutter

I’ve spent all this time learning how to take clear, crisp photos and in doing so I took hundreds and hundreds of blurry photos. Now I’m learning how to blur the photo on purpose. This requires a low ISO, a slow shutter speed, and manipulating the zoom as the camera takes the shot. I take a lot of photographs to get just one acceptable clear one and, as it turns out, I do the same when I’m trying to blur the photo. Lots and lots of photos.

This is a piece of Japanese embroidery that my grandmother created. The embroidery technique has a name, but I’ve forgotten it. In any case, here is my artistically blurred photo.



Windows, Set 2

The focus of this photograph set is Windows. The first three are from the Vanishing Texas River Cruise.

Resort 1
There’s a bird on top of this houseboat (left side). I didn’t see it until I got home and looked at the photograph on the computer screen.


Doors and windows

At Mother’s Cafe and Garden, Austin, Texas.