White on White

Photography assignment: White on White.

Not as easy as it sounds. Sure, I found lots of white things around the house: light switches, ceiling fans, ceramic pitchers. But getting them to look decent in a photo was difficult. I think the lighting was my problem.


I finally settled on the inset of our pantry door. I photographed it several times and reviewed the photos on my computer. That’s when I noticed the dirt on the door. How did it get there, all the way up near the top? I have no idea. I interrupted my photography session to clean the door. Or at least, that one part. No need to get carried away, now is there?

More photos followed; more reviews on the computer. I went back to the pantry door, this time angling my camera. I still had to adjust the angle a tiny bit with software and soften the clarity just a tad with software. This is was the photograph I thought managed to meet the White on White requirement.


Vantage Point

Assignment: Pick a vantage point (with a one-step radius), stay there for at least an hour, and photograph. Find or make interesting views out of ordinary or usually-ignored items.

I took close to 100 photographs and decided 6 were good enough to keep (with one being the photograph of my tripod to show my vantage point).

This is where I stood.


Weeds with yellow flowers, panned.

Yellow flowers panning

The side vent of the grill.


Where the driveway segments meet.


A composite montage of sunflowers and the hurricane fence.


A lily pad with rain drops. The yellow lily is in a plastic barrel and was still closed at that time of the morning.

Lily pad

Impressionistic Flowers

And yet another way to blur photos on purpose. The irony is I had to delete several photos from this set where I tried to take a standard photograph but they were out of focus: not clear enough, not blurry enough. Huh.

Blurry on purpose 2017 05 (7)

These ox eye flowers sort of look as if they were suspended in mid air.

Blurry on purpose 2017 05 (14)

A bottlebrush.

Blurry on purpose 2017 05 (16)


Blurry on purpose 2017 05 (17)

Purple heart plant.

Blurry on purpose 2017 05 (20)

Sunflowers, almost look three dimensional. Well, actually, they are, but photos aren’t.

Blurry on purpose 2017 05 (23)

Sunflowers, going somewhere in a hurry.

Blurry on purpose 2017 05 (30)


One photography homework was dreamscapes: intentionally and artistically blurring the photo. I can’t tell you how ironic this is to me, as I work really hard using my photography time trying to get crisp, clear photos. Still, I was very happy to learn that my camera will take multiple exposures and overlay them to get this effect. I failed when trying to do┬áthis technique using software. Learning something new everyday.

After I took the first set of photos of the Sully doll, I cut him away from the cardboard thinking it would make a better photograph without it in the background. Unfortunately, without the cardboard box Sully won’t sit up straight; he just flops over. Not a good photography model. So the joke’s on me for cutting him away from his packaging. Sometimes I learn more than one thing a day.