Vantage Point

Assignment: Pick a vantage point (with a one-step radius), stay there for at least an hour, and photograph. Find or make interesting views out of ordinary or usually-ignored items.

I took close to 100 photographs and decided 6 were good enough to keep (with one being the photograph of my tripod to show my vantage point).

This is where I stood.


Weeds with yellow flowers, panned.

Yellow flowers panning

The side vent of the grill.


Where the driveway segments meet.


A composite montage of sunflowers and the hurricane fence.


A lily pad with rain drops. The yellow lily is in a plastic barrel and was still closed at that time of the morning.

Lily pad

1 thought on “Vantage Point

  1. What a great exercise in perception and then editing your work! You ended up with some real winners here.

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