An Enchanted Charm: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

FF 156 Dale Rogerson

Photo copyright Dale Rogerson

An Enchanted Charm

Isabelle returned from vacation to a new org chart, a new assignment. In her absence they moved her desk to the basement. Until the project started, they told her, she could “get things ready.”

Her new work space was in a storage room behind a security lock; only a few people had entry access. She brought in flowers from her garden. In the comfort of the forced isolation, Isabelle completed the required research.

The project started: people everywhere, deadlines looming, phones ringing. Isabelle brought flowers every week, considering them an enchanted charm, protecting her from the imposed insanity around her.

The photo is by Dale Rogerson, also a Friday Fictioneer writer. Check out Dale’s story, Too Little, Too Late.

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