One Cold and Rainy Morning (2)

It definitely was cold the entire morning but the rain stopped just as we gathered for a photo walk in Austin, Texas. As we crossed the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, I saw one photographer kneeling down, with his camera near the ground. After he stood up, I asked him what he was photographing. Yes, I could see — in general — what his camera what pointed at, but not the specific subject he had in mind.

This is what he showed me, so I tried it, too. I really like the effect of having the people in the photograph, as it shows scale and underscores the vanishing point.

Pedestrian Bridge (3)

When the photo walk was finished, I was returning to our starting point and photographed the pedestrian bridge again, this time without any people. I guess not everyone was thrilled about being out in the cold and rain.

Pedestrian Bridge (1)

Then I saw someone in that photography group post a black and white version. Ooh, aah, I really liked it.

I feel lucky when I come across photographers who are welcoming, sharing, and inclusive. Actually, quilters are the same way. And hikers. And sketchers. Well, you get the idea.

Pedestrian Bridge (1)B&W

Scarf, Before and After

I hung a scarf with an impressionistic Mediterranean scene on my back porch and photographed it with the morning sun shining through it. I had been waiting for a subject that I thought would lend itself to the Liquify filter in Photoshop.

Scarf 12 Colorful

With the Liquify filter in Photoshop.