Blurry Bat Photos

My hiking groupĀ got together for an evening excursion on a Lone Star Riverboat Cruise along Lady Bird Lake, ending up at the Ann W. Richards Bridge (Congress Avenue bridge) at sunset. That’s when the world’s largest urban bat colony takes flight for their nightly feeding. The number of bats is around 750,000. In June, that doubles when all these females give birth: with mothers and babies, that’s 1.5 million bats. It takes more than an hour for all the bats to leave the bridge.

Bats (16)Bats (4)Bats (14)Bats (7)

Looking east of the bridge.

Bats (24)

The view from the crane is probably spectacular.

Bats (30)

Why isn’t anyone out on their patio? Hmm . . .

Bats (29)

It’ll be hard to find a spot on the bridge to wait for the bats.

Waiting for the bats (6)


Take Two

Take a photo, copy it, flip it, overlay it on top of the original.

Use this graffiti . . .

Hummingbird Mural (a)

and get this.


Tractor 1, take 1.

Tractor 2 before

Tractor 1, take 2.

Tractor 2

Tractor 2, take 1.

Tractor 1 before

Tractor 2, take 2.

Tractor 1

Sunflower and spider friend.

Sunflower and friend before

Double them up.

Sunflower and friend montage

Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy is the oldest swimming pool in Texas. The water comes from a well and is not chlorinated. Water temperature ranges from 65 degrees to 75 degrees. Early in the morning, I saw one man swimming in a wet suit.

Deep Eddy Pool (8)

Deep Eddy Pool (11)

There is a mosaic wall.

Deep Eddy Pool (16)

But I wasn’t there to swim. I was there with a handful of other artists. I sketched in pencil and the others painted with watercolors. We scattered all around the pool area and went about our business creating art.

From my vantage point, this is what I saw when I sketched.

Deep Eddy Pool (13)

My sketch doesn’t quite look like the photo. Oh, well.

I purposely left out some items, like the trash can. And people. I don’t know how to sketch people yet. Or trees. Or stairs. Or swim lanes. But I was glad I went and my inner 7-year old artist was really happy.

Deep Eddy Pool Sketch