Seguin Doors and their Houses

A few of the doors I saw while on an urban hike in Seguin, Texas. It was a very grey, overcast day. My glasses were foggy and misted up for most of the hike. It’s a wonder I could see anything.

Door 517 and its house
Seguin 517 (2)

Seguin 517 (1)

Door 602 and its house
Seguin 602 (2)

Seguin 602 (1)

Door 756 and its house
Seguin 756 (2)

Seguin 756 (1)

Thursday is for Doors over at Norm 2.0. 

Seguin on a Saturday Afternoon

Here are a few more photos of Seguin from a Saturday afternoon Pat and I spent there checking out some shops. Unfortunately, I seemed to fall back on my habit of overexposing photos. Oh, well, here they are anyway. The Seguin Power Plant is now an eating establishment and it’s right on the Guadalupe River, which had lots of water running due to the heavy rains we’ve had.