The Trail Less Travelled (2)

More areas of interest along the east side of the Lady Bird Lake trail.

Fence graffiti.
Fence Grafitti

Art in support of the fight against cancer.

Hope No Hope (1)

But as soon as I took that photo, I noticed two people sleeping on the side. Not sure how much hope they have.

Hope No Hope (3)

If we all lived in these apartments, we wouldn’t have to drive to access the lake or the trail.
Lawn Chairs (2)

Lawn chairs (4)

Lawn Chairs (3)

The Trail Less Travelled (1)

The hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake is very popular, especially between the Ann W. Richards Bridge on Congress Avenue and the MoPac bridge. That’s about a five-mile loop. But the trail is approximately 10-miles long, with the other distance spanning east from Congress Avenue to Pleasant Valley Road and the Longhorn Dam. This section is a lot less busy and it’s a very nice trail. That’s the route my hiking group took the last time we were there.

This is underneath the IH35 bridge. Maybe this is his favorite fishing spot. Shh! Don’t tell anyone.

Fishing (1)



Chisholm Trail Marker Longhorn Dam

Lady Bird Lake (4)