My First Bird Blind

While at Pedernales Falls State Park, I checked out the bird blinds. I’d never seen one before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What fun! There were two blinds in that one spot, each overlooking a bird feeding area. It was my first sighting of a Scrub Jay and a Spotted Towhee. I also saw a Cedar Wax Wing for the first time but didn’t get a photo.

Cardinals (2)

House Finches (1)

Hummingbirds (5)

Scrub Jay (4)

Spotted Towhee (13)

White wing dove (2)

Take Two

Take a photo, copy it, flip it, overlay it on top of the original.

Use this graffiti . . .

Hummingbird Mural (a)

and get this.


Tractor 1, take 1.

Tractor 2 before

Tractor 1, take 2.

Tractor 2

Tractor 2, take 1.

Tractor 1 before

Tractor 2, take 2.

Tractor 1

Sunflower and spider friend.

Sunflower and friend before

Double them up.

Sunflower and friend montage