Doors in Luckenbach, Texas

After our hike in Pedernales Falls State Park, our hiking group headed on over to Luckenbach, Texas for lunch. The last time I was in Luckenbach was about 30 years ago.

Post Office Luckenbach (2)

I’m guessing this is the entry point for the Friday night dances, to collect the cover and take away any alcoholic beverages people bring with them.

Door - Entry

I hope no one is inebriated enough to mistake this ATM machine for an outhouse.

ATM Machine (1)

ATM Machine (2)


Door - Hondos Bar (1)


A new restroom facility is on the far side of the dance hall.

Door - Womens

This door is not locked even though it’s not supposed to be in use.
Door - Menz

Thursday is for Doors over at Norm 2.0.

5 thoughts on “Doors in Luckenbach, Texas

  1. That’s quite a collection of doors and structures! When I hear or read Luchenbach, I always think of the line “Waylon, and Willie, and the boys.” 🙂 Dating myself here, but that’s OK.


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