Five of Six

One goal I had for this year was to finish the six quilt tops I found hanging in my sewing room closet. I looked at the photo I posted in January and checked on my progress. I managed to finish five of the six quilt tops. I don’t seem to know where I put one of the quilt tops (hanger #5). I’m not worried; I’ll find it eventually. Maybe I should look in my closet again?
Here’s the starting line up.

UFOs (3)s
I made this quilt top in 1991; my first quilt top ever. Twenty-five years later (2016) I took it to be professionally quilted and then I added the binding. It’s on hanger #4 in the first photo.
a Tresha's first quilt 1991 (4)s2

Shelly and I made our Carpenter’s Star quilt tops together a few years ago; hanger #3. Size = 48 x 48 inches.

I took a Jelly Roll class at Sew Much More and made several of them; hanger #2. Size = 56 x 71 inches.

Jelly Roll quilt #2; hanger #1. Size = 54 x 65 inches.

Jelly Roll quilt #3; hanger #6. Size = 64 x 79 inches.

I have made several other items this year, so completing five of six of my UFOs was definite progress.

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