Not Miss Muffet’s Tuffet

Have I mentioned lately how much I like to take classes? I love taking classes. My latest was at Creations, a wonderful quilt fabric shop in Kerrville, Texas. I made a tuffet! There were 14 students and we all finished in plenty of time. I was fretting some on the second day of class, as I am a somewhat slow sewist. I also made lots of mistakes and had to do some tasks more than once. But I made it!

Tresha's tuffet made with Australian fabrics

Tresha’s tuffet made with Australian fabrics

I had all my batik fabric strips cut and ready to go before the class started. Then I walked into Creations, saw their tuffet made with Australian fabrics and I knew I wanted to make one of those! And I did!

That means I still have all my batik fabrics already cut, ready to make another one, right? I’m thinking about it, yes, I am.

a Tuffets together s

All 14 beautiful tuffets!

If I could have taken someone else’s tuffet home with me, it would have been the polka dot tuffet.

So fun!

So fun!

2 thoughts on “Not Miss Muffet’s Tuffet

  1. Hey, Tresha, I have been thinking about making a tuffet. Glad to see your article. Do you mind if we put this in our next ASG newsletter? Also, can’t wait to see the Australian fabric. Picked up some when I was in Australia in January. Deb

    Deborah Brock Webb

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