White Rosebud

Our white Lady Banks rose bush is starting to bloom. I took the opportunity to learn more about how to use my camera. Over several sessions, I must have taken close to 100 photos of the same three or four flowers. Mostly what I learned is white flowers wash out easily.

aa White rosebud s

Modes I used: aperture, manual, automatic without flash, close-up flower (which popped up the flash and really washed out the roses). Interestingly, the best results I had were in manual mode, when I intentionally underexposed the rose just a little. I didn’t think I’d ever use manual mode successfully; I have taken lots of overexposed photos in manual mode. I still have a lot to learn.

aa Flowers 3 (7)s

2 thoughts on “White Rosebud

  1. What beautiful detail! I always use manual or aperture mode, they seem to work for me. I got bored/irritated with the auto modes pretty fast. It does take a lot of tries to learn! Thank heaven for digital and the delete button. I used to waste a lot of film.

  2. By the way, I sent a msg on Facebook because I can’t find your email! My friends and I are having a get-together here at our house on April 6th. Coffee, wine, sweets, cheese and crackers, etc. Any time after 6pm. We’d love to have you join us and bring a friend, spouse, whoever you like. It’s casual dress, and wear low shoes — there are stairs. Let me know at genie4711@gmail.com, and I will send the address. Genie

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