Weekly Photo Challenge: Background

A view of a statue on the Texas Capitol grounds. (Look through the windows.)

A statue seen through windows

A memorial statue

I visited with my friend Susan Miller recently. She lives in a heavily-wooded area that she appropriately named The Nature Channel. There was constant activity at the hummingbird and bird feeders while I was there: chickadees, cardinals, white wing doves, a roadrunner, a male and female ladder back woodpecker, hummingbirds, squirrels, bees. In this photo there is a squirrel at one feeder and some doves at the other.

Hummingbird and bird feeders outside a bay window

Susan’s Nature Channel

Everything is green on the Texas Capitol grounds with the recent rain.

Westgate Tower, across from the Texas Capitol

Westgate Tower, looking across the Texas Capitol grounds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Background

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