Light Levels (3)

Here’s the second statue we photographed in our light levels session at the Texas Capitol.

A bronco and a rider statue in broad daylight

In broad daylight

Taken with a point-and-shoot camera, a few years ago; no tripod.

Bronco statue in artificial light

Ride ’em, cowboy!

Looks as if the bronco is actually rearing up.

Again, this photo was taken with the camera on a tripod. Obviously, I have a lot to learn. Still, the result isn’t too bad. Maybe. If you squint, again.

Light Levels (2)

In our light level photography session, we focused on two statues at the Texas Capitol. This statue is on the south lawn of the Capitol, near the entrance to the building.

Statue with daylight

Statue with a lot of daylight

Statue in silouette

In silouette

Photo of statue with shaky camera

On the move

All three of these photos were taken with the camera on a tripod. The hazy effect in the last photo was not the intended result. However, looking on the bright side, my statue photograph has “movement.” Looks as if he is actually riding. Maybe. If you squint.

Light Levels (1)

A group of photographers met at the Texas Capitol where we took photos at different light levels. Now that I’m taking more photographs with my new camera, one thing I notice is how hazy the sky is a lot of the time. In my mind, the sky is blue, blue, blue; in my photographs, only sometimes. These two photos were taken just minutes from each other, just before sunset. The sky is ever changing.

The Texas Capitol building with a half moon in the background

Texas Capitol with moon

The top of the Frost Bank Building in Austin, Texas

Frost Bank Building