Chinese Alligator #27

For my art quilt homework assignment, I chose a Chinese alligator as my subject.

00s Chinese Alligator 27

Chinese Alligator #27

The homework assignment is due in October 2018. That may sound like a lot of time, but I can tell you, it is not. Here’s my plan.

(1) Sketch the alligator on paper (number unknown)
(2) Paint the alligator on watercolor paper (27)
(3) Sketch the alligator on fabric (TBD)
(4) Paint the alligator on fabric (TBD)
(5) Sketch and paint the alligator on fabric, full size, approximately 27 x 34 inches (planned for only once, but we’ll see)
(6) Quilt the alligator (planned for only once, but we’ll see)

Steps 1-4 are studies or prototypes, leading up to the final product. I didn’t track how many times I sketched the alligator for Step 1; lots, that’s for sure.

I just finished Step 2: alligator in watercolor. I numbered these prototypes and I made 26 before I was mostly happy with the result. Most of the 26 prototypes are on 5×7 watercolor paper. I then painted #27 on 300-lb 12×16 watercolor paper. I’m thinking of naming her Mona Lisa or maybe Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

Here is it in black and white, a useful version to determine the level of value changes.
00s Chinese Alligator 27 B&W

This is the photo I’m using as my subject, from Wikipedia. The photo is by Greg Hume. I really like to work off of my own photos, but there wasn’t any way I’d be able to photograph a Chinese alligator. Greg allows this photo to be used as long as he is credited. Easy to do. Thanks a million, Greg!

00s Chinese Alligator by Greg Hume

Photo by Greg Hume (from Wikipedia)

I move on from one step to the next when I am okay with the current result. I’m not waiting for it to be perfect, otherwise I’d never finish. By the time I get to the final steps of sewing, painting, and quilting on the full size version, I will have gained even more experience. I hope the final product looks like the version I see in my mind.

More updates after the next step is finished!

Sashed Half Hexagon Quilt in Asian Fabrics

I have an easy time buying beautiful fabric but a hard time it cutting up. I managed to do just that, however, for this Sashed Half Hexagon quilt in Asian fabrics. It will soon go to the quilter, then the binding goes on. After that, I will give to a friend who is unaware I am making a quilt for them. And it’s someone who doesn’t read my blog, so I am totally safe in showing it to everyone else.

Half Hexagon quilt in Asian fabrics

The pattern is the Sashed Half Hexagon by Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Fabric Doors

I love taking art quilt classes. In my latest class, Fabulous Facades by Gloria Loughman, we started out with the same pattern to learn her appliqué technique. We pinned our doors on the design wall. I like them all.

Later we used her technique to work on our own photos/patterns. I am using a photo/pattern of a fishing cabin. It should be finished about this time next year, but don’t hold your breath. Once I get home from class, I get into my routines and ruts and unfinished projects tend to disappear into the landscape of my sewing room.

This fabric door is mine. It’s approximately 12 x 16 inches.
Tresha's Door

These are all the students’ doors and the instructor’s sample (bottom row, second from left).
All class doors

Some of Patty’s Thread

“Thread” was one item on the supply list for my art quilt class. Patty brought some of hers. Yes, only some. I brought one of those thread containers to class. Yes, I have more thread than what fits in one container. But I’m not saying how much. No, can’t make me.


The painter’s tape is to secure the boxes for the trip home. We were packing up when I photographed these boxes.