Dama Gazelle

For my final illustration for the online course Natural History Illustration 101, I chose to draw a Dama Gazelle. I used a photograph I took a couple of years ago at an exotic game breeding ranch. I’ve been taking drawing lessons for two years now. I can tell you that had I tried this two years ago, it would have ended up as some version of a stick figure gazelle.

Dama Gazelle week600s Dama gazelle

Golden-and-Silver Honeysuckle Illustration

I’m taking an online course on Natural History Illustration. The homework for Week 4 was to illustrate a flower. We have this honeysuckle on our back fence (and it’s blooming!), so I snipped off a piece and used it as my subject. As soon as I submitted this photo for my homework, I noticed I hadn’t listed the measurements or even the color of the leaves. Lesson learned? Maybe.

Japanese Honeysuckle