Fabric Doors

I love taking art quilt classes. In my latest class, Fabulous Facades by Gloria Loughman, we started out with the same pattern to learn her appliqué technique. We pinned our doors on the design wall. I like them all.

Later we used her technique to work on our own photos/patterns. I am using a photo/pattern of a fishing cabin. It should be finished about this time next year, but don’t hold your breath. Once I get home from class, I get into my routines and ruts and unfinished projects tend to disappear into the landscape of my sewing room.

This fabric door is mine. It’s approximately 12 x 16 inches.
Tresha's Door

These are all the students’ doors and the instructor’s sample (bottom row, second from left).
All class doors

4 thoughts on “Fabric Doors

  1. Great Photos! Enjoyed being in class with you! I’m ready to do the quilting on my project which probably won’t get done for a while. Hopefully I will do some research and figure out how to set up a blog. If the camera class you took is offered again for next year I am planning on taking it. It would certainly push me to get out and shoot more! Hope to see you soon and really enjoy your photos and stories. They make me smile………Lorna

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