12 thoughts on “Gatesville (2)

  1. I’ve never heard of “perwhacky” before, but I like it! The overgrown doors are cool, but ivy is SO bad for whatever it climbs on, even though it looks great. Happy Thursday!


  2. Cool buildings. My favorite is the red door. Never heard of “perwhacky” before.The restaurant looks more like a hardware store to me, but all that matters is that it has good food.

  3. Nice collection. There’s something about that 3rd one that appeals to me; most likely that stone wall.
    Gorgeous golden-hour light on that Feedmill shot 🙂

  4. Is that just board above the red door? I was also curious about perwhacky! Looks like another door was taken out to the right of the blue door (or maybe a window?). I like the bottom photo!

  5. Great shots! I live in Gatesville and dabble in photography. I have taken several photos at this same location. 🙂 -Ashley

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