Blurry Killdeer Photos

These photos are blurry, but not intentionally. Killdeer walk a lot on the ground. I thought maybe I could get some good photos. That hasn’t happened yet.

This is one of the parents. It would have been a great photo if I hadn’t chopped off the wing tips. Sigh.

Killdeer family (1)Killdeer family (2)Killdeer family (3)Killdeer family (4)

2 thoughts on “Blurry Killdeer Photos

  1. You made me remember back when I was driving a schoolbus. We were just leaving a farm where we’d picked up a wheelchair person, and I noticed a killdeer fluttering on the ground in front of the bus. She would flutter and then sort of go off to the side, but when I rolled forward a bit, she would come back in front of the bus, making wild distress signals. I remembered that they nest on the ground, so I sent my aide to scout the track, and sure enough, she had built her nest right between the tire tracks. She was doing the “broken wing” maneuver to try and draw us away from it. With the aide doing signals out in front like he was guiding a 747, I crept forward carefully until I had passed over it. Then the aide went back to the farmhouse and told them about it. They scouted up a box, cut a “door” in the side and placed it over the nest so they would remember where it was and not drive over it. I was rather sad when her chicks finally grew up and the nest was abandoned.

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