Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine

Look what I found in the guest room where I stayed with friends: a Montgomery Ward sewing machine. This was one of those instances where I made myself at home: I spent at least 30 minutes moving this sewing machine all over the room trying to get a good photograph. (It wasn’t set up to be used. It was being stored in the extra bedroom.)

I have no idea as to the year it was made. Montgomery Ward sewing machine (23)

I even took some art work from the dining room and turned it around to use as the backdrop because I discovered that the sewing machine and the wall were the same color. (The framed art work was just leaning up against the wall; it wasn’t hung up.)

I don’t know what this knob does.

Montgomery Ward sewing machine (18)

Moody, Texas

And, yes, I put everything back in its proper place after finishing the photograph session.

After the original post, I asked Kay if the machine works. She said it works and she uses it all the time.

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