My Tree Along Onion Creek

There is a one-lane bridge that crosses Onion Creek in southeast Travis County, Texas. I love the view from the bridge. Each time I cross it, I want to stop and photograph the creek but I never do. Last Sunday morning, the conditions seemed right to give it a try: a storm had just blown through and the clouds were breaking up around sunrise. The creek was low and the rocks were showing. Hubby was nice enough to drive me there. I took my boots, my camera, and my tripod.

The first thing we saw was a pair of Black-bellied whistling ducks on the far side. In two days we saw three pair of these ducks in separate locations. I think it’s nesting time.

Black-bellied whistling ducks

See the Cypress tree on the left side of the creek in this next photo? That is what I notice each time I drive by. I love that tree. What I learned in this photo session is that what my mind sees is not always what the camera sees. I look for the tree, I see the tree, I separate it out just a bit from the background. The camera looks in that direction and sees all the green stuff clumping together. The tree doesn’t stand out.

Onion Creek (13)

Here the Cypress tree is in the middle of the photo.

Onion Creek (7)

I also discovered that my rubber boots weren’t tall enough for me to get to the middle of the creek without water running into them. And these were my “tall” boots. I had to return to the south side of the creek, walk over the bridge, go down to the north side of the creek, and wade back in. The water didn’t get into my boots but it did get the hems of my pants wet even though my pant legs were scrunched up at the top of my boots.

Onion Creek (11)

A view from a little farther back.

Onion Creek (12)

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