UFOs in my Closet

In the sewing and quilting universe, a “UFO” is an UnFinished Object.

Recently, I found six of them in my closet.

UFOs (3)s

I got to thinking about the Carpenter’s Star quilt I made and wondered if I had added a border already and if I had made the back for it yet. Unsuspectingly, I opened the closet in the sewing room and . . . BAM! The UFOs ambushed me (one of which was the quilt top I was looking for. It’s on the third hanger from the left).

I know what happened: I got all efficient when I bought the upholstery hangers (over a year ago?). I went through my fabric stash, found all the quilt tops I had already made (they were hiding with the unused scraps, fat quarters, and yard cuts of fabric), hung them up in the closet, closed the door, and forgot about them.

A perfect example of ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

So, my goal (I refuse to use the word ‘resolution’) for this year is to finish all these quilts: adding the borders where needed, piecing the backs, having them quilted by a professional, and sewing on the bindings. I will post photos as I complete each of them.

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