Keeping It Simple

I discovered that I actually can make large quilts, as long as I use simple patterns. These are the quilts I made for my uncles. I made the quilt tops and backings and had them professionally quilted. I’m not into struggling to quilt large projects on my home sewing machine.

A big Thank You goes to the USPS: I mailed these quilts from Buda, Texas on a Saturday and both were delivered to my uncles (one in Colorado, one in east Texas) the following Monday.

Quilt for Uncle Rod

Quilt for Uncle Rod

Quilt for Uncle Roger

Quilt for Uncle Roger

2 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple

  1. Beautiful. Gave away my sewing machine a long time ago, which is a shame because my mother was really good at producing copies of the latest styles in magazines. But I have no artistic sense when it comes to sewing projects.

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