Inner Space Cavern

My hiking group toured the Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown, Texas. It’s a little hot to be traipsing around outside in the middle of the day, so we went underground where it was cool. And it was really cool! The lowest point in the tour was about 70 feet underground. We saw a few bats here and there. Our guide told us what kind of bat it was, but I don’t remember what she said. I didn’t worry about it, knowing I could look it up later. Well, I can look it up all right, but I can’t figure out which of the Texas bat species it is.

Photos are allowed, even with flash, but not for the bats. I took this photo when the guide used her flashlight to show us the bat.

a bat sleeping on the cave ceiling

Bat nap

Inner Space Cavern 096 s

Inner Space Cavern 087 s

Inner Space Cavern 083 s

Inner Space Cavern 057 s

Inner Space Cavern 043 s

Inner Space Cavern 040 s

Inner Space Cavern 029 s

Inner Space Cavern 026 s

Inner Space Cavern 051 s

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