6 thoughts on “Cooper’s Hawk

  1. Many years ago I was hiking alone in a ravine in the wilderness of central Utah; I was divebombed repeatedly by a raptor; when I found some quiet I got out my bird book and identified the bird as a Cooper’s Hawk. Later I found out that a Master’s student was doing a study on Cooper’s Hawks so I gave him the location–ever since then I’ve liked Cooper’s Hawks!!! Recently I volunteered for 18 months at a Wildlife Rescue Center & got used to the raptors divebombing me when my back was turned (setting out their food and fresh water in their cages) & I always thought of my Cooper’s Hawk friend in that ravine. . .

    • Yesterday I put out the bird seeds just before sundown and then stood on the porch to watch “my” cardinals feed. Only none of them came to the picnic table (broken, so now used as a bird feeder). I could see several cardinals in the bushes. I looked up at the utility pole to see if there was a hawk there, but there wasn’t. Still, no birds were venturing out to the food. In a moment, the Cooper’s Hawk flew the length of the yard, just past the picnic table. Although I hadn’t seen where the hawk was, the birds knew.

  2. I saw a Cooper’s Hawk about a week ago in my backyard in Hutto. We got out the field glasses to get a closer look, and he/she looked just like your picture. I didn’t know what kind of hawk it was. The other birds stayed away. In fact, the hawk stayed quite a while and it looked like it was tearing at something down by its feet. The hawk was eating. Later, after it left, I walked down to the place by the fence where it had been eating. I saw a big pile of dark feathers–nothing else.

  3. A beautiful bird – not one we get in the UK. We have a pair of sparrowhawks nesting somewhere near us and you can always tell when one of them is in the vicinity. The garden (that’s usually filled with birds) goes almost silent. Good capture. 🙂

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