Friday Fiction: First Friday

Instead of a new photo prompt this week, the Friday Fictioneer group extended the time frame for last week’s photo to two weeks due to the holidays. But I still wanted to write a new story for my Fiction Friday series, so I chose two of my own photos for my story. Enjoy!


A group of seven birds sitting in a tree without leaves; it's winter

First Friday Night

— Where are we? I mean, what is this place?

— Don’t start with me, Sam. You know the rules: The first Friday of each month we choose a new place to check out.

— Yeah, but, I didn’t know we would be eating outdoors in the middle of winter. It’s cold.

— We’re birds, Sam, we eat outdoors every day, every season.

— Yeah, but, sometimes we find feeders with suet. This is, like, out in the middle of nowhere. And no suet in sight. Are there hawks? I bet there are hawks here.

— Sam, do you see any hawks? No hawks; now shut up. Look, there’s the server. Get ready to swoop down as soon as she leaves the food on the table.

— Okay, everyone, NOW!

Birds eating on a picnic table

Room for everyone


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