Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

About a year ago, I upgraded my socks and also bought these running shoes.

New pink running shoes

New pink shoes

I have new walking/running shoes, so these have been retired to non-exercise activities for quite some time. And they have holes in them, anyway. Oh, well.

Pink running shoes that have holes worn through the tops


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Alone at the Top

One of these things is not like the other . . .

Two utility wires, one with about 20 swallows sitting on it, the other wire has one grackle sitting on it

It’s lonely at the top

Skull and Wasp Nest

Lots of wasps around. No reason to be worried about these.

For the first photo, I was up close and personal (only inches away), using my 40mm lens. I moved very slowly, in hopes of not disturbing the wasps. There were lots of clouds, resulting in the white background. Or it may be overexposed.

Wasp nest in eye socket of cow skull

Wasp nest in cow skull

The second photo was taken on a different day: fewer clouds, bluer sky, with my telephoto lens, 55mm-300mm.

Skull, wasp nest and sunflowers

Skull, wasp nest and sunflowers

Last Days of Summer

The public swimming pools have closed and the back-to-school sales are over and done. Classes have already started in most of the school districts and the universities begin classes tomorrow. It’s still really hot in central Texas, but the change of the seasons is on its way.

A man and a boy fishing off a pier in the last days of summer

Taking advantage of the last days of summer

Finches at Feeders

I finally found some feeders that the finches like. Stock them with Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and voilĂ ! Finches!

A finch at a hanging feeder

Definitely a natural red head

Three finches at a hanging mesh feeder

Enough room at the feeder for more than one

A finch sitting on the metal feeder hanger

Trying to decide which feeder looks good


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