Red-tailed Hawks

Two red-tailed hawks on my neighbor’s utility pole. The mockingbirds were not happy at all about them being in the neighborhood and did their best to chase off the hawks.

Two red-tailed hawks on the top of a utility pole

Just hanging out

Sunset in Houston

Sunset in Houston, Texas, with the statue of Sam Houston at the right side of the photo

A beautiful sunset

Sunset in Houston, Texas, with Sam Houston’s statue.

Fish Fossil

A fish fossil from the Frithiof Fossil Collection at the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History, Bryan, Texas.

A big fish fossil

A big one that got away, until it didn’t

Sign for the Frithiof Fossil Collection

Frithiof Fossil Collection

Fiction Friday: Tradition

Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.  Chopsticks in a paper sheath with the words: It is happiness enough to know one is superior to the fork people

Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. Copyright Marie Gail Stratford

Sumiko remembered her grandmother, sobo Kasumi, wincing as she knelt down at the chabudai, her gnarled hands barely able to hold her bowl and chopsticks. Soon, Sobo Kasumi’s arthritis pain finally reached a point where she couldn’t grasp anything, or walk. She faded away a little each day until there was no life when the sun rose.

Sumiko’s grandchildren now followed tradition by calling her sobo Sumiko. Recalling their laughter, she smiled while digging into the microwaved dinner at her IKEA table. Tradition, she thought, grateful for her fork, knife and arthritis medicine, is sometimes best left to the young.

Friday Fictioneers: Write a 100-word story based on the photo prompt.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers (2)

I saw these at Wildseed Farms near Fredericksburg, Texas.

Lots of blue pots

A sea of blue

A collection of green pots for plants

Green, green, green

A collection of red pots for plants

Red and more red

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers


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