Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

This doesn’t show the main thing I tried to capture: they were holding hands while walking.

A photo of an older couple walking hand in hand

Hand in hand through life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Motion Blur (2)

Turns out my photography instructor also thought that my first Motion Blur submission was overexposed, so I returned to the streets for another photo session. Here’s what I turned in from my second effort. I managed to get the clock in focus and the vehicle blurry.

A photo of the Buda City Hall clock in focus and a vehicle driving by in a blur, which was the desired effect.

Late to work?

Photo properties:
1/10 sec exposure time
5 Max aperture
55mm Focal length
Spot metering mode

Motion Blur

I am taking a photography class, trying to learn how to use the manual settings on my camera. Let me just say that in doing so, I am taking A LOT of bad photographs. I took my camera to a quilt show this weekend and even though the quilts were stationary — just hanging there — I came away with many blurry or badly exposed photographs. I mean, how hard can it be?

Our homework assignment was to create motion blur using shutting speed; this is what I turned in. I wanted the yellow Auto Works sign to be in focus and a vehicle blurred. Although it was a very cloudy day, I think it is a bit overexposed.

A blurred red vehicle driving by a yellow Auto Works sign and the sign is in focus.

They went that-a-way

I ate lunch at a sandwich shop and after finishing my meal, I sat at an outside table for a while taking my motion blur photos. A couple of employees came out on their break and teased me about doing undercover work. I assured them that I was harmless and explained that when I wanted an in-focus subject, it was blurry and when I wanted something blurry, it was in-focus. No one would hire me for surveillance work, that’s for sure.

Photograph properties:
1/10 sec exposure time
5 Max aperture
Spot Metering mode
55mm Focal length

Storm Drain

Sort of like a cross-eyed owl.

Storm drain openings that look like a cross-eyed owl

Here’s lookin’ at ya!

Beautiful Clouds

The winds and moisture from the south, from the Gulf of Mexico, produce some beautiful clouds.

A tall cumulus cloud

Reaching up


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