Sweet Gum Leaf, Sketch 085

Sweet Gum leaf sketch

Sketch 085: Sweet Gum Leaf

Paradise: Fiction Friday

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Copyright Douglas M MacIlroy

Copyright Douglas M MacIlroy


“Commune with nature,” they said. “See polar bears walk by,” they said. “Your very own cabin,” they said. “A veritable Arctic Circle paradise,” they said. She signed up, wanting to be away from everything and everyone.

No one had said anything about summer snow storms. She could barely see the next domed cabin.

She was grateful for the heating that worked, the fully-stocked kitchenette, and the electric blanket. In the bookcase, she found the complete works of Agatha Christie, PD James, and Ruth Rendell. Maybe paradise is white, cold, and isolated, she thought, reaching for Murder on the Orient Express.

Chinese Tallow Leaf, Sketch 084

Chinese Tallow leaf sketch

Sketch 084: Chinese Tallow Leaf

Two Twigs

A trunk of a Burr Oak tree with two new twigs starting to grow out, one on each side

Just a rumor

Two Twigs

It’s just a rumor,
Twig said to Twig, that trees grow
Only from the top.

Ash Tree Leaf, Sketch 083

Ash Tree Leaf

Sketch 083: Ash Tree Leaf


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