Fury on the Fourth

In context, I’m sure this means you can buy tickets to see the bull riding event at the rodeo. The event is the Lee County’s Sheriff’s Posse Pro Bull Riding on July 4, 2015. Those prize belt buckles are a work of art in themselves.

Sign that reads "Bull riding tickets sold here!"

Prize Bull Riding Belt Buckle

Fury on the Fourth. Photo from the Lee County Sheriff’s Posse Facebook page

Geronimo on a Saturday Morning

Geronimo was the first stop Pat and I made on a Saturday. We went down to check out the antique shops. We stopped in at the Geronimo General Store. All these photos are from the Geronimo General Store except for the horse and buggy photo; that is from down the road.

Not Your Day To Keep Track Of Me

I know it isn’t your day to keep track of me — it never is — but I’ll tell you anyway: I’m going on a field assignment. (Code for “I’ll be away from my blog taking a class.” (I love taking classes.)) This means I won’t be keeping up with some of my posts that are based on prompts for a while (e.g., photo challenges, Friday Fictioneers). I have, however, scheduled posts for each day.

The bad news: my sketching career is on hold, due to some very painful tendonitis (also spelled “tendinitis.” Don’t know why.) No more knitting, either. On the bright side, (the very blue, bright side), I “get” to wear kinesio tape. When anyone asks about it, I tell them that when you get older and start falling apart, the physical therapist uses fancy blue duct tape to hold you together. Works for me.

Kinesio tape aka fancy blue duct tape for people

Kinesio tape aka fancy blue duct tape for people

Muse: Weekly Photo Challenge

Angel statue in black and white

Angel in Ticka’s garden

I have many, many of photos of this angel. None of them do it justice, in my mind.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

Lunch in Seguin

Pat and I drove down to Seguin and Geronimo to check out some of the antique shops. We had lunch at the Court Street Coffee shop. It was our first time there, so we got some good advice from a group of nice women who eat there regularly. And it turns out I wasn’t the only vegetarian in the place: two of the women were vegetarian! I’m definitely going back. Good company and good food; it just doesn’t get any better.


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