Luxury in the Forties, Sketch 119

Sketch of a 1940-ish car

Look! A car!

Car from the 1940s at the car show

Fancy getaway car?

Sketch 119: Luxury in the Forties car, at the car show


Years and years of drought
Old Trees fall; dust storms blow
And then the rains came

Front yard lake

Front yard lake

Baby Bird Watch, Days 7 & 8

Day 7 Afternoon

Third baby bird

Third baby bird

I decided to photograph the empty Mockingbird nest but found it occupied! That made three baby birds, again. I could see two in the Mesquite tree and one in the Italian Stone Pine tree.

Day 8 Morning

I tried again to photograph the empty nest but one baby bird was sitting on a branch close to it, so I didn’t approach.

Day 8; waiting for Mom

Day 8; waiting for Mom

Baby Bird Watch, Days 7 & 8

Silver Blue Bullet, Sketch 118

Sketch of the Silver Bullet car at the car show

Practically recognizable!

Showing off at the car show

Showing off at the car show

Sketch 118: Silver Blue Bullet, at a car show

Broken: Weekly Photo Challenge

A trailer being towed

More than one thing broken, it seems

Pat was driving and got behind this vehicle when I decided I wanted a photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken


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