In Costume

If someone in a big, black plastic tub comes up and asks you to dance at a Halloween party, it just might be me — in costume?

Yes, it looks like they moved the costumes and forgot to take the sign with them. Timing is everything, right?

A large display of big, black plastic tubs and above them a sign that reads "Women's Costumes"

Now that’s thinking inside the box

Fiction Friday: Scavenger Hunt

Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo prompt.


Friday Fictioneer prompt.  Copyright The Reclining Gentleman

Friday Fictioneer prompt. Copyright The Reclining Gentleman

Larry arrived at the lakeside, out of breath. He’d found six of the scavenger hunt items and only lacked this last one. This time I’m ahead of everyone, Larry thought, especially Mountain Mike. Larry smiled at the thought of holding up the first-place trophy.

Larry deduced that the last item was on the lake’s island; he scanned the shores for a canoe.

A wop-wop noise broke his concentration: a helicopter approached. It hovered over the island and a figure descended on a rescue line. Larry recognized the neon orange jacket even from this distance: Mountain Mike.

Curses! Foiled again!

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Buda Gearheads Car Show (2)

More photos from the Buda Gearheads Car Show in the Cabela’s parking lot.

A yellow Corvette

Yellow Corvette

Inside the yellow Corvette


Under the hood of the yellow Corvette

Under the hood

I was taking photos of the yellow Corvette when these gentlemen (who were with the yellow Corvette) announced that they “wanted to be famous, too.” I said I could only promise “almost famous” and they agreed to that, so here they are. No, I don’t know who they are. Guess they will have to settle for being anonymously almost famous.

Two men who wanted to be almost famous

Almost famous


Two racing cars

Sleek and fast

Buda Gearheads Car Show (1)

This was one of those positive reinforcement opportunities. Cabela’s wasn’t my destination, but when I drove by I could see there was a car show in the parking lot — and I had my camera with me. It was definitely worth the detour.

The car show was hosted by the Buda Gearheads. I had a good time walking around checking out the cars.
This woman graciously agreed to get her photo taken. Her daughter poked her head out the car window just as I took the photo, which made the photo even better for me.

A black car and the owner in a black and white polka dot dress.  Her young daughter stuck her head out the window of the car just as I took the photo.

Mother and daughter team


A row of several Corvettes with their hoods open

Corvette row


A pick up truck altered so that the front grill looks like a wide open mouth, with buck teeth

Owned by a dentist, maybe?


A Model T pick up

1915 Model T Closed Cab Ford Delivery Truck

Milam County Courthouse

Judy and I went on a field trip to Cameron, Texas, to check out the Milam County Courthouse. It was completed in 1892 in the Renaissance Revival style. The courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. And the clock works!

The Milam County Courthouse, facing west

Milam County Courthouse, west view

South view of the Milam County Courthouse, with lots of trees

South View

We could see lots of birds flying around the statue (Justice), but this is as close as I could get with my lens. From where we were, and considering the size of the statue, they looked like gnats.

The statue on top of the Milam County Courthouse, with lots of little birds flying around it

Darn gnats!


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