Avon Deer, Sketch 028

Sketch of the Avon Deer bottle

Looks like an alien-bred Corgi, to me

Needs a longer neck. Somehow how I can only see these things as I’m uploading the photos.

Avon Deer bottle

Bright eyes

Avon deer bottle with a water bottle for size comparison

Tiny deer

Sketch 028: Avon Deer, from the 1970s

On the Country Road

Some recent traffic on my country road. I could hear the clip-clop of the horses’ hooves long before they came into view, giving me plenty of time to grab my camera and get situated.

A man riding a horse on the road in front of my house

Riding along

A man riding a horse and his dog is tagging along

Tagging along

Cat Trinket, Sketch 027

Sketch of the cat trinket

Mostly the right shape

I added some darker shading under the mouth and on the cheeks but it started to look like Captain Kangaroo‘s mustache so I erased it.

Cat trinket

Cat trinket

Cat trinket next to a water bottle, for size comparison

Tiny cat

Sketch 027, Cat Trinket

Rule of Thirds: Weekly Photo Challenge

Black Vulture flying

Black Vulture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Spur, Sketch 026

Sketch of a spur

Now I can see that the proportions are off. It should be longer (wider) in the body.

Spur by Paul Revere, Jr., 1770-1800

Spur by Paul Revere, Jr., 1770-1800

Spur, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bequest of Alphonso T. Clearwater, 1933.

Sketch 026, Spur by Paul Revere, Jr.


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