Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

A blurry coyote. Sometimes — just sometimes — this is how I think the world sees me. And sometimes — just sometimes — this is how I see the world.

If I had just been able to hold my camera still enough to get a clear picture . . . but that, too, is sometimes how our efforts turn out: blurred when we thought we were being steady. The good news: I feel lucky to get the photo, blurs and all.

a blurred photo of a coyote

Wile E Coyote

This coyote was in our back pasture early one morning. It was after sunrise but on a grey, cloudy day. I took one step towards him in hopes of getting a better photo and off he ran.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

White-crowned Sparrow

A white-crowned sparrow stopped by for a snack.

A white-crowned sparrow eating bird seed on the picnic table

Fast food at the picnic table

Serious Seeds

These are some serious seed pods, but I don’t know the plant.

a photo of some seed pods with spikes

Don’t even think about touching

Monday Up Close

Black & White: Roadscapes

Workers at a curve on a road

Slow and steady

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Roadscapes

Dama Gazelle

A dama gazelle at the Texas Disposal Systems exotic ranch.

A dama gazelle at the Texas Disposal Systems exotic ranch in Creedmoor, Texas

Dama Gazelle


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