Shutter Flutter

I’ve spent all this time learning how to take clear, crisp photos and in doing so I took hundreds and hundreds of blurry photos. Now I’m learning how to blur the photo on purpose. This requires a low ISO, a slow shutter speed, and manipulating the zoom as the camera takes the shot. I take a lot of photographs to get just one acceptable clear one and, as it turns out, I do the same when I’m trying to blur the photo. Lots and lots of photos.

This is a piece of Japanese embroidery that my grandmother created. The embroidery technique has a name, but I’ve forgotten it. In any case, here is my artistically blurred photo.



Hiding in Plain Sight: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

Photo copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Photo copyright Jennifer Pendergast

Hiding in Plain Sight

Uncle Larry counted down: “… three, two, one. Ready or not, here I come!” They were playing hide-and-seek. Donny loved this game, loved it best when Uncle Larry played with him.

Running across the park, Donny stopped behind the metal art sculpture, not wanting to hide too hard. The sooner he was found, the sooner Uncle Larry would lift Donny up, setting him on his shoulders and run around in circles, jiggling him up and down. Uncle Larry would comment on how big Donny was getting and they’d tumble to the ground, laughing.

Donny loved playing hide-and-seek with his Uncle Larry.

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