Ash Tree after the Snow Storms

This is our Ash tree. It’s 20 years old. In February 2021, we had some fierce winter storms. We ended up with 8-13 inches of snow. (Hard for us to measure.) Unfortunately, many of our trees and bushes didn’t survive. I marked the dead plants with surveyor’s tape. This Ash tree had budded out just before the storms but showed no activity afterward. I marked it with the tape. I considered planting a climbing rose on it, to use it as an arbor. But then we got just a little bit of rain in April and the tree sprouted a few leaves. Maybe in 20 more years, it will look like a tree again.

No leaves — nothing — once it warmed up in the spring.
I marked it with the surveyor’s tape, indicating that it had died.
And then it does this: sprouts leaves. They look so small against the tree limbs.