Stuck Truck

This happens from time to time in my area. Semis get stuck trying to make an acute turn at this intersection. A good portion of them don’t make it; like this one. They have to be towed out. You can see that the right rear tires are positioned lower, as they are caught in in a culvert-like section. There is no road shoulder there to support them. They dip down off the road as the driver tries to maneuver around the corner and the tires get stuck. There isn’t enough space for the rig to straighten and pull itself out.

Look closely just to the left of the front of the trailer: you will see the sign indicating that no trucks are allowed on this road. In fact, there are four (4) ‘no truck’ signs at this intersection, one in each direction. If a semi driver finds himself here, he is in trouble, as he is not supposed to be there at all. There are ‘no truck’ signs at the origins of each of these roads, as well, so this is not the first warning.

There is a large warehouse just up the road. That’s why this happens somewhat regularly; drivers are trying to deliver (or maybe pick up) a load. I had to turn right and take an alternate route to my destination. No problem, though; I’m used to it.

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