Storm Damage

A fierce storm came through Sunday night; winds about 70 mph. The view outside looked like a TV report during a hurricane. We lost three trees and four Purple Martin condo complexes (and it’s nesting season). This tree was 20 years old.

3 thoughts on “Storm Damage

  1. I hate that this happened to you. It’s hard to accept that trees that have been around for so long can be gone in a relative flash. And the purple martins! I feel so sorry for them. I always chronicle the fallen trees in the neighborhood. It makes for dramatic pictures, but it also makes me sick to my stomach.

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    • It’s sad about the trees and heartbreaking about the birds. We are leaving this one tree as is for a while, as it has a Mockingbird nest in it. When the little ones leave the nest, then we will have the tree removed.

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