Right or Wrong (2): Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo. I wrote this version with a different ending due to a comment from a fellow Friday Fictioneer writer, Granonine. The first version of Right or Wrong here.

Photo copyright CE Ayr

Photo copyright CE Ayr

Right or Wrong (2)

“This wasn’t here last time!” Trina exclaimed. The boulder blocked their path.

Trudy rolled her eyes at her younger, twin sister.

“Maybe it fell out of the sky?” Trina guessed.

“Boulders don’t just come out of nowhere!” Trudy objected.

Trina defended herself, “Just because you are 12 minutes older than me doesn’t make you always right about everything!”

A loud, whooshing sound caused them to look up. Another boulder plunged towards them, crashing into Trudy, killing her instantly.

Finally Trina spoke, “See? I was right all along. Boulders do fall out of the sky. Told you so!”

This week’s photograph is by C.E. Ayr, also a Friday Fictioneer writer. Check out C.E.’s story: Love.

To read other Friday Fictioneer stories based on this photo, select the smiley blue frog.

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