The Saturday before Easter I met up with some other photographers at the Zilker Botanical Gardens. Good thing we got there early, as it got crowded fast!


I took 234 photos in about three hours. Most of them — I am happy to report — were not blurry! I still pulled out almost 50% as rejects but being blurry was only one of the reasons I rejected a photo.

I am still learning something (almost) every day.

2 thoughts on “Coneflower

  1. Wonderful! Are you planning to sell these type of photos, like to greeting card companies and other illustrators? I’ve heard you can make pretty good money, especially if you become a regular provider.

    • Thank you! I don’t have any plans to make it a business. I don’t know anything about paying state sales tax or how to market anything. My goal is to be an experienced amateur photographer.

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