Doggie Doorbell

This is our back door. (Ahem.) We’ve always had dogs (Labrador Retrievers and some mixed breed rescues) and over the years a few of them figured out how to let us know they were ready to come back inside: they scratched the door. Scratched it right down to the metal that started to rust. Dogs are quick to pick up habits that favor them and this one did. They scratched, I opened the door. Who says I’m not trainable?


Thursday is for doors over at Norm 2.0. (The doors I usually post are a lot cleaner than this one. Oh, well.)

9 thoughts on “Doggie Doorbell

  1. πŸ™‚ At least they just scratch (although not too good for the door.) The three pugs one house down from us scream as they jump up at the patio door, a racket I can hear from our house even with the windows closed and the owners don’t let them in any too soon. The 4:50 or 5 am time is the worst, especially in summer, when I want to have the windows open.


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