Could Be Worse: Fiction Friday

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

FF 106 Janet M Webb s

Photo copyright Janet M Webb

Could Be Worse

Michelle couldn’t believe her eyes. She’d been inside all day working overtime on a Saturday in the office building’s basement, alone. Insulated from sound and without any windows, she had no idea the storm arrived, depositing flash-flood level rains.

She’d just have to wait until the waters receded. She sighed, Saturday night at the office? How pathetic!

She retreated to the break room. Still, she thought, it could be worse. I hate getting my shoes wet. She noticed the vending machines were full, having been restocked Friday afternoon. “Orange Hostess Cupcakes in slot B-13,” she squealed in delight, “my favorite!”

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10 thoughts on “Could Be Worse: Fiction Friday

  1. I like how she sees the positive in her situation. Maybe she finds a few friends online, for a chat party. Great take on the prompt.

  2. Yay for small blessings! As someone who used to work in an office and get that trapped animal feeling sometimes, I know exactly how that is, especially the vending machine as perhaps the only sign of human kindness (of a sort) you might get that day.. Great story with a lot of punch.

  3. I hope the floodwaters go down quickly. A solo party in the office with cupcakes might be alright for one Saturday night, but I doubt her positive attitude would last much longer than that. Fun story.

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