Ice Cream with Sprinkles

Story #25 for Story A Day Challenge May 2016

25 Ice Cream with Sprinkles s

Ice Cream with Sprinkles

“Ice cream with sprinkles!” Jasper turned his head as his mother carried him down the sidewalk past the Magnolia trees.

“Jasper, those are flowers, not ice cream with sprinkles. Magnolia flowers. Mag-no-lia. Can you say Mag-no-lia? Here,” she said, walking across the grass. She hoisted Jasper up a little higher. “Smell them. Don’t they smell good?”

He leaned over, touching his nose to the white petals.

“Careful,” Angie cautioned, “there might be bees. Bees take the pollen and make honey.”

Before Angie could stop him, Jasper plucked a petal and started eating it. “Ice cream with sprinkles!” Jasper happily announced.

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